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Conscious living: A collection of observations as I strive to be more curious. To be an explorer of the world. To find magic in the inconspicuous.

conscious living: meditation for dummies


How do I find the time?
Although it’s a bit tricky to adjust your routine, take just 10 minutes out- that’s less than 1% of your entire day. And it might just be the 1% that shifts the other 99% in a more positive direction.

How do I get comfortable?
Sitting still without any distraction feels a bit alien so if you need to adjust your posture, then feel free. But try not to move around too often as it makes it difficult for the mind to settle.

How do I sit?
Sit in a chair with your hands resting in your lap or on your knees. Keep your back straight, but without forcing it. Your neck should be relaxed, with your chin just slightly tucked in.

How do I stop my thoughts?
You’ll be relieved to know that meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. If we could stop thinking at will, we wouldn’t need to learn to meditate. Just bring your attention back to your breathing each time, and with a little practice the sense of calm will increase.

How do I breathe?
When you meditate, you can allow the breath to be completely natural. We’re not trying to breathe in a special way – it’s tempting to think that there is something more to do than that, but there’s not.

[These meditation pointers were taken from headspace.com so check them out for more info]


5 thoughts on “conscious living: meditation for dummies

  1. Cool. Thanks for the post, I have really really bad anxiety and panic attacks, followed by depression. These are caused none other than stress. I will be trying this! Thanks!

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